To all my wonderful clients and friends:
After 20 years in the nutrition field, I’ve decided to embark on a new journey, and will no longer be offering nutritional counselling. Getting to know each of you has been amazing, and I thank you all for your support. As for what’s next for me, big dreams are coming true, and I’m looking forward to sharing more when the time is right.
Take care, Kelly

Kelly Greer, Registered Dietician

Kelly Greer, Toronto Dietitian 

Hey there fellow hormone sister my name is Kelly, I am a Toronto based registered dietitian – owner and founder of Nutrigal. I’m a lover of nature, volleyball and all things wondrous and spiritual. I believe that the mind, body and spirit work together to keep us healthy and whole. I believe that every woman has the right to the best health care, the most updated information and as much time as she needs to explain her health care concerns. She deserves to know all her treatment options especially during times of hormonal upheaval. Our health care system is broken and it does not allot time for our  doctors to  guide their patients through the crucial life-style changes that are the foundation to a happy, healthy life. That’s where an experience nutrition professional can fill in the gap.  

 It is my mission to help women gently move themselves back into hormone balance to help them regain their energy levels, zest for life and a happy healthy body.  

If you’re struggling with a health condition, emotional eating, sleepless nights, relentless fatigue, mood swings and feel like you’re caught in a downward spiral of  weight gain and poor health then you’ve come to the right place. I know how you feel, have been through my own challenges and know what it takes to make nutrition and life-style changes that stick. 

As a registered dietitian with 17 years of experience in addiction, mental health and family medicine I will be your nutrition coach, your health advocate, and your liaison to other health care practitioners. I will also be an empathetic ear, a gentle motivator and your biggest cheer leader.

If you are ready to make a change in your life and you would like to discuss your treatment options click here to book your free hormone focused nutrition assessment. I have a number of group and one-on-one packages to suit all client needs.  If you have any questions at all please send me an email to 

In health,

Kelly aka Nutrigal


My 12-week Body Beautiful Weight Loss Program is designed just for you. It isn’t about starving your body, fasting, juicing, eating strange food combinations, or taking supplements. It’s a program based on real foods, for real people who want real results.

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